What Is GoPro Time Lapse and 8 Exciting Ways to Use It in 2021

What Is GoPro Time Lapse and 8 Exciting Ways to Use It in 2021


gopro time lapse travelIf you’ve ever watched a short video with lots of quick moving frames, you’ve seen a time lapse video. You can easily create a time lapse video using GoPro time lapse and editing software.

But first, what is time lapse?

gopro time lapse stars Time lapse technology takes still images (or frames) and turns them into video footage. The stills in the video play faster than real-time, creating the effect of time lapse.

You can take the still images at different intervals, and this will depend on the subject matter. For example, capturing footage when running will need shorter intervals than when walking. This is because the scenery will be changing more quickly when running.

You can also add music to time lapse videos to create a sensory experience. Then share with family and friends, as well as on social media.

With recent technological advancements, creating time lapse videos is now a lot easier. You don’t need to be an expert or need to afford expensive equipment. GoPro time lapse has brought time lapse to even the most amateur of filmmakers.

GoPro time lapse is ideal for shooting a variety of scenes. It is particularly impactful when creating a time lapse of a slow changing scene. All you need is your GoPro camera, video editingsoftware and GoPro App.

Plus any mounts and tripods you wish to use to hold your GoPro in the desired position.

If you need some inspiration for your GoPro time lapse, here are a few suggestions:

1. GoPro time lapse for running

gopro time lapse runningDo you enjoy pounding the pavements, or running through forests and mountains? Like many running enthusiasts, you will often find yourself in beautiful surroundings. GoPro time lapse is the solution to share this experience with family or friends.

Use a head or chest strap to keep the GoPro in place. Set the interval to 1 second to make sure you capture all the changing scenery as you experience it.

Next time you are running a marathon or just out for a quick amble at your local park, give GoPro time lapse a try.

2. GoPro time lapse for selfie

gopro time lapse selfieIf you struggle to take the perfect selfie with your smartphone, GoPro time lapse could be the answer. Instead of taking one photo at a time, choose the time lapse setting on your GoPro. You can then take a sequence of photos at regular intervals. Simply pick your favorite!

A good tip is to choose an interesting location as the background to your selfie. That way you will not only have an awesome photo, but it will give the selfie a professional look. A GoPro Pole is a great piece of equipment to raise the angle of the GoPro. This will capture more of the background, ensuring you’re still in the frame.

3. GoPro time lapse for sunrise

gopro timelapse sunriseWatching the sunrise in the morning is an incredible, uplifting experience. Waking up with the planet and nature to begin a new day can be emotional, symbolizing a brand new start.

The beauty of the sky as the sun changes shape is perfect for capturing as a time lapse video. You can then share it with those that aren’t morning people, so they don’t miss out.

Set your GoPro time lapse to a 10-30 second interval. This should be fine to capture the slow-moving sun. Make sure you have a clear vantage point to catch the magnificent sunrise in all its glory.

4. GoPro time lapse for sunset

gopro time lapse sunsetWatching the sunset can be as romantic as watching it rise. Each sunset is completely unique. The colors, clouds, and light will create different patterns every time.

There are many peaceful spots to watch and enjoy a sunset, allowing you to reflect on the day. Choose a location with an eye-catching landmark for an extra special time lapse video. Watch how the light and clouds cascade over the building.

A good tip is to use a stable tripod to prevent your GoPro from moving, and ruining the perfect time lapse. Like with the sunrise, use a 10-30 second interval.

5. GoPro time lapse for driving

gopro time lapse drivingIf you are traveling by road, remember the culture and feel of the places you visit with a time lapse video. When taking a GoPro time lapse for driving, it is important to get the frame intervals right. This will depend on the speed of the road. If you are driving down a motorway, you will want shorter intervals as the scene will be changing quickly. 1 second per image should be okay. It is worth practicing with different intervals and shots to get used to the settings.

If you are taking a bus, the best place to sit is at the front. This way you can angle the camera without distractions from other passengers. You will need a good mount to keep the camera steady, especially on uneven road surfaces.

A driving time lapse is ideal for sharing your adventures with other people. It’s nearly as good as actually being there!

6. GoPro time lapse in nature

gopro time lapse sunsetSome of the best time-lapse videos are those that make it possible to see changes that you wouldn’t normally see.

Nature is constantly changing: day by night and season by season. Plants, trees, and flowers are growing, blossoming, flowering and shedding leaves. But this amazing natural process is often missed. To capture a plant growing or flowering, set your camera up on a stand. Then take a photo every 10 minutes to see it come to life right in front of your eyes.

7. GoPro time lapse for Lighetning

gopro time lapse lighteningA lightening doesn’t happen every day. When it does happen, you’ll want to capture the beautiful sky using a time lapse video.

To ensure you get the whole lightening event, try a 2-hour capture. A 5-second time lapse is a good interval option. The night lapse setting is also useful for those few dark minutes, as it provides longer exposure.

8. GoPro time lapse for travelers

gopro underwaterThere are so many unique traveling experiences that you’ll want to remember forever. GoPro time lapse is so versatile that you can relive these experiences again and again. Whether it’s deep sea diving, a camel ride in the desert or skiing down a mountain, a time lapse is possible.

For clear footage of underwater sea life, use GoPro Underwater Housing for waterproofing. You will be amazed at the wonderful colors of fish, corals, and plants your GoPro will capture.

If action sports are more your thing, first secure your GoPro. Then simply go for it, and capture the rush of adrenaline as you race down a mountain or parachute from the sky.

Go Make Awesome Videos

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to create a dramatic GoPro time lapse video. Take some time to get used to the interval settings, as well as the right equipment to use for each situation. With some practice, you’ll be creating professional time lapse videos in no time at all. Then share with family and friends for the ultimate immersive experience.

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