How to Secure Your Laptop While Traveling? in 2022

How to Secure Your Laptop While Traveling? in 2022


Digital Nomads like me fret about having their laptop stolen. There are few things you could do safeguard your notebook physically; you should worry more about safety the data in your laptop.

Another thing you should consider is to make sure that most of your data have daily backups on the cloud.

Things you should do to make your laptop secure.

  • Install a disk encrypting software like BitLocker(Windows), FileVault(Mac) or TrueCrypt(Linux) with a secure passphrase.
  • Do not leave your laptop in sleeping mode. Shut it down properly.
  • Use VPN when using the internet from Public Wifis. Never use Free VPNs. Like for everything on the web, if you do not pay for it, you are the product.
  • Set up a BIOS password. This will only slow down potential attacks not block attacks.
  • Disable any peripheral not being used like Bluetooth, Webcam, etc.
  • For the physical security of the laptop, invest in good cable locks. Reboot Stolen Laptop

When using your laptop do these things

  • Set your browser to not to remember any password or history.
  • Use master login or LastPass to login to websites.
  • Install firewall, antivirus software(not free) from real companies.
  • Install extensions like uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostry, etc. in your browser.
  • Follow the basic guidelines in computer security like, do not install pirated software, block harmful websites, do not insert unauthorized USB drives or devices.
  • Always back up your data. Backup both in an external hard disk as well as the cloud.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for your primary accounts like Email and others. With these simple steps, a typical thief will not be able to get to your data if your laptop is indeed stolen. Also be aware that 99.99% of common thieves aren’t going to give a shit about the data on your laptop and are most likely going to pawn it for quick cash. They just wipe the data and resell it.

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