Tips to Get Enough Sleep While Traveling in 2022

Tips to Get Enough Sleep While Traveling in 2022


Traveling is something everyone should experience at some point in their lives in some capacity. Regardless of budget, there’s something out there for everyone and the enjoyment that comes with picking somewhere to discover and explore can add to the thrill.

There are countless reasons why people love traveling, but one of the things that many have in common due to the change in habits is not getting the right amount of healthy sleep.

You don’t want to be heading off on the journey of a lifetime only to lose some of the sparkle as a result of being tired, do you? So, with the focus here on good rest, it’s important that you acquire enough high-quality slumber pre, during and post-trip.

You should always be looking to have plenty of rest on your side, and this counts not just when you’re traveling, but when you’re building up to your trip too. has always been a great source of information and guidance on this topic.

So, just how can you optimise your sleep when traveling? We’ve got some of the most useful pointers for you to use right here!

Make sure you’re dressed for travel

Now, you’ll probably know from being on flights, etc., but dressing for travel is one of the absolute best ways to stay relaxed, comfy and get sleep.

If you’re trying to get forty winks in while on a plane or train, the last thing you want is to have tight clothes making it tricky to settle; it’s definitely not a fashion show!

Just think, you don’t want to have tight clothes, zips and buttons pushing against your tummy or heels making your feet feel super uncomfortable.

Instead, slip into some loose jogging bottoms, trainers and a comfy blazer or t-shirt. This will allow you to sit in contentment as you jet off to paradise and a world of discovery!

Skip the stimulants

If you’re about to embark on a long-haul trip, then it’s worth avoiding things that will stimulate you. These include such this as caffeine and smart devices, as both can hinder your ability to get a decent sleep under your belt.

You’re better served by having a good book on your travels with you as this has been proven to have relaxing effects, a University of Sussex study found. You can pair this with listening to some mellow music at a low level to help you chill out before you get some shut-eye, which will serve to support the same benefits as a white-noise app.

Don’t let your baggage live on your lap

When you are traveling, it can be really tempting, for obvious safety reasons, to keep your hand luggage in contact with you. But, if you want to stay comfy, then you’re probably not going to achieve this if you’ve got your bag on your lap.

This is mainly a train and bus-related point as you have no choice with planes but to stow your luggage away, so, if you’re anxious about your luggage, why not simply pop it under your seat and use it as a footrest or carry a TSA approved luggage locks?

Eat right, drink right

Similarly to the previous point in regard to being over-stimulated, you don’t want to be polishing off several cups of coffee and eating fast food before you travel and the caffeine kick and sugar highs can leave you feeling jittery, anxious, and unnecessarily restless.

Alcohol falls into the same category too, so, if you like a few pre-flight pints or gin & tonics, you’ll find yourself suffering from avoidable dehydration and restlessness; perhaps even nausea too!

The free booze on plane or trains can be tempting, but the best thing you can do if you want to get sound sleep in to help enjoy your travels and experiences is to simply say no. Bottled Filter water or herbal tea will always be a more advisable option that will help you sleep more effectively.

This also counts for food too. It’s easy and hassle-free to grab a quick burger at a well-known fast-food chain in the departure lounge, but this is only going to leave you with a heavy tummy; and with the fat and heaps of sugar that comes in these meals, you’re setting yourself up for a disturbed trip if sleep is on the agenda.

Retrain your brain

One of the best options to enjoy improved sleep while you travel, and also while you are staying in unfamiliar places, is to retrain your brain and body for your sleeping habits.

We all know that proper sleep can be hard to come by when traveling, but with strategic naps on your side, you can remain on top form. recommend that if you can get as little as 20 minutes of nap time in, then you will enjoy the benefits associated with napping.

You can also give sleep banking a go before you set off on your trip which will help you clock up some snooze time that you might miss out on while you’re traveling.

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