Solo Travel is glamorized but there are hidden problems about traveling alone that no one really talks about.

You'll understand if you have been on a trip all by yourself.

Solo Travel Involves


As a solo traveler you have to do all the planning by yourself.As a human being, we all tend to overlook things by mistake.No matter how meticulous person you are, your plans will fail. Your plans will always have scope for improvement. If you are with someone, he/she can point out to flaws in your plans. And it's always great to having someone to bounce ideas off of.


Getting robbed while traveling is among the worst nightmares of travelers. Solo travel makes this worse because there is no one to watch your back. Taking breaks while commuting in bus/rail requires extra vigilance. You are the more attractive target if you are traveling alone.

Safety Net

We all encounter plights like missing bus/train, hostel/hotel reservation revoked, realizing you have lost your wallet/cards. It would be really nice to have someone around, who you can trust.

Division of Labor

Solo Travel Division of LaborTraveling alone requires doing everything just by yourself. Find accommodations, making reservations, find food, exchanging currency, paperwork, planning routes and itinerary. And given the fact that you have only 24 hours and all these things are mentally taxing too.


Taking Photos while traveling aloneSelfies suck. Yeah, you can take pictures without yourself in it. But you really want to cherish memories with photos of yourself in it. You are also bit resistant to give your DSLR to some random stranger in a foreign country. You can buy a tripod and remote to make things easier.

Best Travel Camera

Making Friends

Making Friends While traveling aloneThis is not limited to solo traveling. While traveling you meet new people, make friends for few days, then part ways forever. Sure you can remain in touch via Social Networks like Facebook or Email but its all virtual. Having international friends can give you unique perspective on life. You tend to value them more and hold each other in high regard.

Making Friends while Traveling Alone


Solo Travel LonlinessAt times you'll feel lonely seeing other travelers in groups. You have no one to share your innermost feelings with. No one that can take your picture. No one that you're completely alone thousands of miles from home, feeling like an island, you could die and no one would care. I got sick once on my trip and had to take care of myself all by myself.

Solo Travel Helps you become Self-Reliant

In spite of all above problems, you become increasingly self-reliant by traveling alone. Handling unexpected situations also build your character. If you are well prepared then you'll have fewer problems.

Traveling alone lets you do what you want, on your own terms which in my opinion is the best part of solo travel.