Finding Work Life Balance While Working Remotely as Digital Nomad in 2021

Finding Work Life Balance While Working Remotely as Digital Nomad in 2021


As a new Digital Nomad, it is pretty common for me to work long hours and then get in travel mode for days.

Every new/aspiring digital nomad I meet seems confused about this.

We left our regular job to find that balance and when we finally work remotely the question seems to arise is how to find the balance between travel and work.

The answer is it depends on you. How fast you want to travel and how often can you work. If your income is through a remote job or freelance work then you are deadline driven. You can work 2 days straight and take the rest of the week off to relax and travel. You’ll have to complete your daily/weekly quota no matter what.

But if you run a business then you can outsource menial daily tasks to a virtual assistant. This will free you spend more time to explore or party or travel or relax.

Unlike tourists or backpackers,** we are digital nomads**, we have the luxury of time. We can travel slowly. We can focus on work as we need to, and the explore as much as we want to.

For me, there are times when I stay in a place for few weeks without exploring much and then go on having a blast for a week. This works for me.

We are not tourists. We shouldn’t be expected to travel like one.

All we need to a working schedule. Without that productivity will fall. Work will expand in leisure time and quality of work will deteriorate.

Everybody’s situation is different. Don’t compare yourself to others and fall into the trap of spending more time traveling than working or your digital nomad dreams will soon be over. You will find yourself running out of money often enough.

There will also come a time when you’ll feel burned out. In that case, just do whatever you need to do. Just go with the flow. Don’t confuse procrastination with tiredness.

Now get back to work and if you need ideas about remote jobs then read more about best digital nomad jobs.