These Are the Best Jobs for Digital Nomads in 2021

These Are the Best Jobs for Digital Nomads in 2021


Digital nomads have a great range when it comes to jobs both available and suited for them. Most think that there are only a few jobs for digital nomads, but that couldn’t be more untrue. The following points are the top jobs for digital nomads, what they are, what is the earning potential exists, and more.

The Best Digital Nomad Jobs or Jobs with Remote Work

All the jobs in the following list will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. There may be more jobs with remote work opportunities but these are the most popular ones.

Software Developer/Engineer

Software Developer Remote Digital Nomad JobsSoftware developers, also known as software engineers, are the brains behind our computer programs. Whether it be an application or a PC program, software developers are in charge or creating these through pure skill and know-how. They also develop underlying systems that are used to control or run a network, as well.

What you make as a software developer all depends on multiple factors. How good you are, how many clients have, etc. The best of the best have the opportunity to make up to $100,000 each year, but you have to be especially useful.

Becoming a software developing digital nomad takes a bit of work. Before you even think about beginning your travels, build a medium-sized client list. Once you have a couple of clients under your belt, it’ll be smooth sailing from there.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing remote digital nomad jobsFreelance writing as a digital nomad is one of the most popular and top jobs for digital nomads. As a freelance writer, you are in charge of writing articles and blogs, editing your work, copywriting, and more. A typical freelance writer will aid in building a client’s website through content creation and other forms of writing.

The salary of a freelance writer depends on the amount of work you are willing to do. It also depends on whether you’re working for high paying clients or not. The average salary for freelance writers sits at around $30,000 annually. However, you can change this by going after the bigger customers and gaining more work.

Becoming a freelance writing digital nomad is relatively easy. There are tens of platforms online to use to help you build a profile, such as Upwork and Freelancer. Once you create a profile, you can bid on jobs and start building a clientele list.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Remote digital nomad jobsOnline marketers help businesses with an online presence to bring more traffic, sales, and overall business to their website. They do this through blogs, social media, advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and other tools used for online marketing.

The average digital nomad online marketer can make up to approximately $60,000 annually. However, it all does, again, depend on the amount of work and number of clients you have.

Becoming an online marketer is much like becoming a freelance writer. You must propose your services to potential customers and prove you will bring in the most traffic. Once you have somewhat of a good portfolio and profile going, you’ll be set.

Web Design

Designing Remote Digital Nomad JobsDigital Nomad website designers build client’s websites through graphics, HTML, content, you name it. Overall web designers are in charge of creating the features, look, and general layout of a website. This type of work more often than not is paired with software developing and graphic design. They can work solely on their own of with a development team.

Digital nomad web designers are paid relatively well. The average nomad web designer makes approximately $60,000 per year. However, if you are a complete expert and have a large clientele list, you could be making over $100,000.

Becoming a web designer can be quite difficult. You need to know how to build a website entirely, and doing HTML can be tricky. Once you’re more than confident in your ability to make, market yourself. Always remember to learn from these jobs, too. Web design is a very educational career.


Online Translations Remote Digital Nomad JobsDigital nomads who speak multiple languages benefit from working as an online and in-person translator. Translators can either do work for a client in a different language or translate something for them. If it’s in-person, however, they will translate conversations for them. Digital nomads can also do the in person translation work should they choose to do so.

Digital nomad translator salaries will vary by country. In the United States, for example, you could make up to $60,000 per year.

The best way to be successful at becoming a translator is to get certified. There are multiple ways to become certified, but it varies by country. From there you should test yourself, gain needed experience, and market yourself. A lot of digital nomad translators gain clients through freelancing platforms, so starting there is your best bet.

Video Editing

Video Editing Remote Digital Nomad JobsVideo editors do exactly what video editing sounds like: they edit videos. A lot of clients create their videos and then need someone to edit them for them. This is where video editors come in.

The salary of a video editor can range very widely. The lowest salary on average is around $30,000 per year, while the highest could go up to $160,000. It all depends on who you’re working for and how many clients you have.

Becoming a video editor requires a lot of skills. You will need to know how to tweak a video to a client’s exact specification. Being educated and always learning how video editing works are the best ways to become a digital nomad video editor.

Online Trading

Online Trading Remote Digital Nomad JobsOnline trading is buying and selling stock. It can be through foreign currencies, investments in companies, or any form of financial security in general.

The average salary for an online trader is approximately $45,000 each year. It depends on what you’re trading and investing in, however.

A lot of digital nomads in online trading use specific trading platforms, which is a great place to start. If you have little knowledge of how it works, use a free online trading website first. They are relatively easy to find, and they help you get better at it.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Remote Digital NomadA virtual assistant does any job that a regular assistant would do, but online from a remote location. This could include data entry, booking appointments, answering emails, etc.

The average salary varies through different countries. For example, an American virtual assistant has an average salary of approximately $16 per hour. It also depends on who you are working for, too.

Becoming a virtual assistant is just like becoming a regular assistant, but with a twist. You have to prove that you are reliable and will commit like any other job, but with added dedication.

Online Accountant

Online Accountant Remote Digital NomadAn online accountant is much like an assistant, but with financial reasons and tasks instead. They are in charge of balancing the books, financial data entry, and all needs that are strictly financial. However, they work from remote locations.

Entry-level online accountants can start at an average salary of up to $40,000 per year. Senior level online accountants can earn double, going up to a salary of $80,000 annually.

Becoming an accountant, in general, will require education and a degree more often than not. Online accounting may not, but it’s still good to have. Otherwise, do hours of research to ensure you are up to the task.

Other Top Jobs for Digital Nomads

There are other possibilities too. Like you work in your existing company and start doing the work remotely. You can become a contractor. As you can clearly see, there are tons of career opportunities for digital nomads.

You can also look up the type of job offers on freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer. Then try to pick one and learn everything about it.

You can do these jobs from anywhere in the world. Recognize your skills, pick something you like, and you’ll become a professional in whichever job in no time!

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