For all travelers out there, there is one thing you must always carry with you, no matter where you’re going – a luggage scale. Since airports don’t have the same weight capacity limit, there is a big chance that you’ll need to pay additional fees for those extra pounds that you bought on your vacation (probably souvenirs and clothes).

So, to avoid this happen, simply invest in a good luggage scale. Oh, that’s right, you actually DON’T know what features a good luggage scale has.

What is a good luggage scale?

Here are some things to pay attention to in order to get the best-value-for-the-money luggage scale.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity of luggage scaleIn case you don’t know, weight capacity refers to the maximum weight that your luggage scale is capable to read. Clearly, not all Luggage scales have the same weight capacity. That’s why it’s good to buy one of those that goes up to 50kg or 110 pounds.

How accurate your luggage scale should be?

Whether you want to buy an Electronic luggage scale or Digital luggage scale, you definitely need an accurate one. This is very important because of every gram matters at the airport. Best luggage scales are accurate down to 0.05 kg/0.1 lb., so look for those.


Next thing you want to take into account is the readability of the scale’s display. Some models aren’t well designed, so reading figures in the daytime is almost impossible. Look for a luggage scale that features a backlit LCD or a traditional clock dial.

Weight lock

Using Tarriss Luggage ScaleThis feature will come in handy if you need to measure the suitcase’s weight all by yourself. The weight lock means that the weight of the luggage will be shown on the screen until you delete it. Pretty smart, huh?

Auto Shut Off Feature

When packing for a vacation, there are lots of things you need to think about. This is exactly why you need to buy a luggage scale with an auto-shutoff feature. Thanks to this feature, the luggage scale will automatically shut down when inactive for 1 minute. Trust me, this will mean a lot to you since you won’t have to think whether you shut down the scale or not to save battery.

Is it portable?

Since here we’re talking about a scale that you can pack in your suitcase, you clearly need to get a portable luggage scale. Just make sure that it’s lightweight and compact so that it won’t occupy much space in your suitcase.

Battery indicator

Luggage Scale usecasesAnother handy feature that you’ll appreciate is a battery indicator. Thanks to it, you’ll always know how much power your luggage scale has left.

Where to buy a good luggage scale?

Even though you don’t need to spend a fortune on a luggage scale, I still suggest you find a good quality one. You can check luggage scale prices on different websites or stores. That way, you’ll surely get the best deal for the money.

Tarris luggage scales, Walmart luggage scale, Samsonite luggage scale, or Target luggage scale offer good pricing and good quality, so take a look at those. Speaking of quality, below you’ll read about my favorite luggage scale that does impressive work.

Best luggage scale is Tarriss Luggage Scale

Tarriss Luggage Scale is one of the best optionsWell, here’s my favorite luggage scale, and it soon will be yours too. Whether you’re traveling every month or a couple times a year, this luggage scale is worth every penny. I absolutely love everything about it.

This is a digital scale so I can take it on my vacation with ease. In addition, it’s easy to use and is highly accurate (up to 0.2lb/0.1kg). You just need to attach it to the handle of your bag, or suitcase, and the scale will do the rest. As for the weight capacity, it can measure up to 50kg/110lb.

But, what you’ll appreciate the most is its portability. Thanks to its design, the scale is lightweight and takes very little space, so you can slide it in your suitcase. You’ll forget it’s there until you need it again.

Speaking of design, the scale is made of stainless steel, thus it will last you a long time. Plus, it won’t break like those made from poor quality materials would.

Tarriss Luggage Scale features

Furthermore, the scale features an LCD display that is easy to read. More importantly, the display won’t drain the battery life.

In addition to all these great features, the scale comes with an auto shut of the feature, auto lock display, and durable lithium battery.

Oh, and let us not forget the lifetime warranty. That’s right, you heard it well. Buying this luggage scale means that you won’t have to worry about the quality and durability of this luggage scale. That alone is a good reason to buy this item.

However, there is one downside of this luggage scale. Namely, it doesn’t let you know when the measuring process is done. Even though this is not a big deal, I really hope that one day a manufacturer will make improvement and include that feature.

Unpacking tarriss luggage scalePros:

  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Large weight capacity
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t have a beeping sound

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No more Overweight Fees

A good Luggage scale is definitely a worthy investment since you’ll save time when packing as well as your money because there won’t be unexpected overweight fees at the airport. Now that you read this article, you can easily find the best luggage scale for your needs.

Or you can check out the one I reviewed, as it offers great value for the money provided. Remember, a good scale should be accurate, durable, easy to use and reasonably priced.