The Ultimate Checklist of Toiletries Items for Men and Women

The Ultimate Checklist of Toiletries Items for Men and Women


If you are a Onebagger, then you must have already realized that you cannot take all of your toiletry items with you as space is premium. Instead just take the bare minimum. Even the airport security is now strict than before in term of what they allow on a flight.

What are Toiletries?

Toiletries are personal care items used for hygiene or grooming. For example, travel toothbrush/ travel toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo are all toiletry items.

How to travel with toiletries?

Toiletries for travel in ziploc bagTravel size toiletries are liquids(shampoo, lotions) and gels(toothpaste, lip balm) that are in 3.4-ounce containers or smaller.  Additionally, all your bottles of liquids and gels must fit in a single 1-quart plastic bag. In order to achieve this, buy items in special travel size or buy some travel size containers and transfer liquids and gels items.

Toiletries that aren’t in a liquid or gel form aren’t monitored, which means you can pack them in your carry on as per requirement.

TSA 3:1:1 Liquid Limit

If you are wondering, what to put in The following list is essential items you should have in your traveling toiletries bag.

The Essential Toiletries Packing List for Vacation

  • Lip Balm - For dry climates consider taking a lip balm. You don’t want dry, chapped or cracked lips while on a trip.Eagle Creek Pack-It Quick Trip Toiletry Organizer closeup shot with toiletries inside
  • Crystal Deodorant - Your liquid deodorant is prone to leakage on flights and they occupy large space. These are free of perfumes and chemical and are made from natural mineral salts. Even a small bottle lasts for months.
  • Solid Cologne - This cologne easily fits into pockets and is travel-friendly due to its small and durable container. They apply more subtly than their liquid counterparts and smell lasts longer.
  • Travel Shaving Gel - Small tube fits snug as a bug in my travel kit. With the small tube, you can expel the just the required amount.
  • Shaving brush - Good travel shaving brushes are generally smaller and more compact than other brushes and come with storage cases for easy storage when traveling.
  • Folding Travel Toothbrush - This toothbrush top part folds into a compact size, occupying little space. A toothbrush with a cap will also help in keeping it clean, more packable and dry easily.
  • Powdered Toothpaste - Powdered toothpaste is easier to handle and saves you space, weight and leakage hassles.Toiletries item for travel on a table
  • Razors - If trimmer/shaver is not your thing, then this one’s replacement heads are readily available.
  • Folding Scissors - A folding scissor will not cut through your plastic bag.
  • Nail Clipper - A stainless steel nail clipper will definitely help if you are traveling long-term. If going to a humid climate region, get a stainless steel one. Anything sharp should go in checked luggage.
  • Shavers/Trimmers for travel -  A good travel trimmer is compact, lightweight and battery/USB operated.
  • Bixby Travel Comb - This one is also foldable almost the size of a lip balm.
  • Dry shampoo - Look if your favorite shampoo comes in travel size if not available in dry. Again dry shampoos are better as they are not prone to leakage.
  • Mouthwash - Again get travel size or fill in travel size bottle.
  • Salux washcloth - Another option is taking a good travel towel.

Travel Hygiene Starts Here

Must have Medicines for Travel

  • Essential Medicines to take on travelibuprofen (Fever and Pain)
  • Benadryl (Cough)
  • Antacid (Stomach)
  • Band-aids (Minor cuts)
  • Salbutamol (Asthma)
  • Neosporin (Skincare in outdoors)
  • Eye Drops – Essential if you’re catching the ‘red eye’ flight or driving for prolonged periods.

*This is not a medical advice. Consult with your doctor for much better advice.

Miscellaneous Items in a Toiletry Bag

Few Tips for Packing you Toiletries

  • Buy reusable fillable containers and transfer some from your hotel.
  • Ziploc bags are great for organization.
  • Prefer Hanging Toiletry Bags.

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