The Best Travel Packing Tips You Don't Know in 2022

The Best Travel Packing Tips You Don't Know in 2022


Our Top Packing Tips for Vacation or Business Travel

Compression Sacks are Great

Compression Sacks are much better than packing cubes because packing cubes offer zero compression. Once you see the magic of compression sacks you’ll never go back to packing cubes.

Compression sacks is a must for any travelerOur favorite is Eagle Creek Compression Sacs. They turn our clothes into a small tight bundle that takes minimal space. They help in better organization and fitting more items into the bag than packing cubes.

Multi-Purpose Things

One of the best ways you can travel light is by taking multi-purpose things like a Sarong.

Multi purpose clothes like a SarongYou can use a tablecloth, blanket, sling, scarf, shawl, curtain. Take as little as possible and the smaller and more compressible the better.

Muji has great travel products

Muji, the global Japanese store, offers great products aimed at people who prefer simplicity, minimalism, which also includes travelers like us.Muji has some great items for travelers

They have an awesome transparent wash bag, which is incredibly useful at TSA security scanner as all the liquid must be in a transparent container.


In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are better than headphones for travelersIn-ear headphones offer much more quality than noise canceling headphones.

They also take up less space, eat lesser batteries and provide better sound.

Travel Earphones


Multi-adaptor are must on tripsGet a single multi-adapter which works with all of your devices. Check them with your devices before leaving on your trip.

You can easily find one if you use popular products like Apple or Samsung.

Universal Travel Adaptor


Take towels on your next tripTake a good linen, quick drying towel. They have many use cases.

People say they might need one when going on a business trip, but in my experience, they have helped a lot.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags for business travelers Messenger bags are great for business travelers. You can carry them in your suitcase and use the messenger bag when going on the field trip or location. Our favorite is Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag. You can get into it without taking off. You can also withdraw the luggage when arrive, you can use the bag as your day pack.

Timbuk2 Classic Review

Foldable Daypack for Travel

Foldable day packs can save you some hassleCarry a foldable daypack in your main bag. This way you can store your main bag in a locker room and bring only essentials on tour with a daypack.

Synthetic Materials

Prefer synthetic material over cotton. Synthetic materials are lighter and compact than cotton clothes. They also dry faster and don’t smell for longer days.

Fabrics for Travel Clothing

Merino Wool

Merino is great for travelersMerino Wool is an amazing material. it is lightweight, warming in winter and has the cooling effect in hot and sweaty areas. It is used in many moisture wicking, odorless and wrinkle-free clothing.

Roll Clothes

Rolled Clothes take less space and are better organized too. Roll the clothes in sets and organize them in your bag. Here watch the Ranger’s Fold, the best way to roll and pack clothes.

Layer Up

You should be wearing clothes in layers. Instead of one big bulky jacket, go for 2-3 clothes of synthetic materials. Layering will help you get through various climates with ease on the same set of clothes. When layering, try to take a matching color combination. One lightweight jacket would save more space.

Travel Shoes

Do take separate shoes when going on hikeWhen going on an urban trip or a business trip, try taking a nice pair of sneakers and sandals.

They take minimal space and you can wear them on occasions like hiking or happy hours.

Buy Travel Toiletries on Destination

Toiletries for travelUnless going on remote camping or wilderness backpacking, almost all the places in the modern world will have basic amenities.

They are usually cheaper and made according to local weather.

Toiletries Packing List

Avoid Liquid Toiletries

Solid soaps and shampoos for travelBottled toiletries are bulky and leakage prone. No wonder TSA has strict regulations about them as they can also be a security hazard.

Everything like shampoo, sunscreen, perfumes all come in solid versions that save weight and space.

TSA Liquid Rule

Kindle all the way

Kindle is very useful on long tripsIf you don’t have the Kindle, you can also use Kindle App on your phone to download the guidebooks. No more carrying bulky guidebooks anymore.

Kindle Review